Bajanaire Kennels

Bajanaire Kennels has been in existence since 1984, when the Baker family moved from Texas to Hartville, Ohio, bringing a pregnant Airedale along with them, along with the first client Airedale dog she had ever trained for Dick and Glenna Briggs. With an interest in obedience training literally from childhood, Janet Baker began training Airedales for clients mainly from Stone Ridge Kennels with the generous referrals of Janet Framke, raising some litters of her own along the way. That experience allowed to her to see and live with the temperaments and conformation of some of the top Airedales in the country in the late 1980’s. After training over 80 Airedales, with approximately 60 Companion Dog titles put on her own as well as client dogs, she began to move more into having her own dogs shown in conformation.

About our kennels

With a few false starts along the way, the ball really got rolling when Janet Baker purchased an Airedale pup female sired by CH Stone Ridge Brewmeister CD, (the CD was done by Janet Baker) named Bajanaire Shado Shasta CD. Shasta, bred to “CH Stone Ridge Fairewood Flyer”, produced our very first champion, Mercy.

Several of our good dogs have wound up in the hands of families new to the breed, who have gone on to finish these dogs. Giving someone a chance to do well with their first Airedale has been very satisfying, to say the least. Rather than have a kennel full of potential winners, we like to let others try their hand at having a winner. The dogs themselves then have a family instead of just a run of their own. One woman has even gotten into freestyle obedience with Mercedes sister names Kaleigh!